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By elvin esmino | Category :: Poem

i could no more define thee
as i could no more reached the abyss of the sea
to what may thou be compare
but if thou is a solemn promise to be care

i swear ill do my all best
to kept thou.so that my heart shall be fully blest
if thou will be a sweet hymn
im sure you'll be the most dulcet to outshine them

if thou will be an apt fare
you'll be the most delicious appease to offer
and if you'll be a tempest
i'll still abide, and be thy shield with all my best
that is how i care for thee
my pious refuge of life. my glint sanctuary.

elvin's note- this poem was originally written by my friend jabin marquez-july22,2011

By elvin esmino | Sep 17, 2013 | Category > Poem >Friendship | Comments | Views 3642


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