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We The Dreamseakers

By Jon` Crenshaw | Category :: Poem

We the collective community;
cultural cast of humanity, with purpose
seeking glorious maturation of mankind
evolving in processes of blind hope---in faith

We are the grandmother watching the young
remembering when youth seemed everlasting
and time ticked on as fate was challenged
growing with a richness of garnered pride

We are the curious ever seeking knowledge
children of knowns and devourers of tomorrow
The people, the masses of legacy and history
addressing the heights of our stunted growth

Times they come and continually change
the never ending desire to know harmony
The child, the woman, the man---we strive
for liberty and in hope we abide and trust*

By Jon` Crenshaw | Sep 16, 2013 | Category > Poem >Hope | Comments 1 | Views 2828

Nice poem.

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