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ode to the wind

By elvin esmino | Category :: Poem



as i sit on the annex
you welcomed me with a relaxing hug
bestowing irresistible solace
celestial feeling i could ever imagine
such a lotus on Earth

worries are swept away
quenching my aching soul
succumbing my pain
dragging to hell
'till it leaves me no more

how could i ever thank you?
if i could just feel you?
yet presence to a dumb heart
alas! to those who could be like you
alas! to those who couldn't notice you.

elvin's note----

this poem is originally written by JABIN MARQUEZ the person in this poem cover.A person closest to MY HEART.A VERY FRIEND.

By elvin esmino | Sep 15, 2013 | Category > Poem >Sad | Comments | Views 4151


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