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In Remembrance

By Dusti Rodes | Category :: Poem

God looked down,
At the carnage of life;
Caused by the folly,
Of mere mortal generals.
The trenches dug
By the sweat of many.

Filled with the bodies,
That were once the seeds of Youth:
For the generation of Nations.
Serving now as only ploughed furrows;
In the fields of the dead.

All this He saw;
The waste of mankind,
The futility of war;
And He wept.

Such was his grief,
That his tears rained down.
Churning the ground,
Into mud;
Until the ugly scars of War,
Were covered.

He then caused the Poppy to grow there;
With leaves of Haigh green;
A hue rarely seen.

The petals were blood red,
As ran the fields of the dead.

The centre was black,
The colour of mourning.
To remind us all,
"Lest we should forget."

Some only remember,
For two minutes,
On a Sunday in November.
During the service from the Cenotaph.
Many don't remember even then.

By Dusti Rodes | Sep 11, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments 2 | Views 2031

Sheenah Melson
I agree. Nice poem
nice poem.

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