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On 9/11

By Dusti Rodes | Category :: Poem

* On the eve of the anniversary of this event, I thought I should bring this poem back out again *

On Nine Eleven

History happens,
Outside the reasoning
Of real people's
Realms of reality.

Where were you?
On 9/11.

What did you do?
On 9/11.
If anything.

What could you do?
On 9/11.

Stunned into silence,
As the world watched, helpless.

Fearless firefighters and police.
Bravely giving their lives.
In an attempt to save
Husbands, fathers, sons, brothers
Mothers, daughters, sisters and wives.
All to no avail
From the furnace-like heat and carnage
Of that man-made hell.

Someone took
A photo
Of a
Fellow, free-falling
From the
Great height
Of the
Twin temples
Of Finance.
Bin Laden
Was right
About Americans
False gods.
That's taking
Faith in
The dollar
Too far.
"In God
We Trust"

Ground Zero,
The parkland precinct,
Now filled with flowers;
That serves as a memorial,
To the graveyard,
That was once
The Twin Towers.

The Americans had 9/11,
The Twin Towers;
We Brits had 7/7,
The London Bombings;
Names and numbers,
Numbers and names.

In Iraq and Afghanistan,
It's just the same;
A soldier's number.
A person's name.

Barbaric beheadings;
Brutal beatings,
Of helpless hostages.

Can anyone keep their head,
Long enough to stop;
The rising numbers
Of the names
Of the fallen dead?

Where were you?
What did you do?
On 9/11.

By Dusti Rodes | Sep 10, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments 2 | Views 2034

Dusti Rodes
"Man's inhumanity to all their fellow passengers on this celestial spaceship, be they humankind,flora or fauna, never fails to cause me to feel the pain created by the thoughtless deeds done in the name of religion or progress. I believe in a Life Force that prevails, whatever name one chooses to call it. I have NEVER understood how anyone can kill in the name of religion."
elvin esmino
wow your so affected of nine eleven? something in your poem that hits me and make me ponder deeply. its about ILLUMINATI... HAD YOU INCORPORATED THAT MESSAGE IN YOUR POEM? I SUPPOSED YOUR A CHRISTIAN?

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