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Cacophoncy of a Survivor

By vikram G | Category :: Poem

I went to work like every day,
But on that very day I met a bestial fate,
It was a day when four youths savaged and brutally assaulted my body,
I was shattered and destroyed into pieces I felt like losing my soul,
It was hard for me to cope in the initial stages,
But I did not lose hope,
I showed my resolve and gathered my composure,
Without thinking of I being the cynosure everywhere,
It is a big drama for the society whoever reads or hears about the tragedy,
Like every girl or woman who has gone through this trauma, she is either stigmatized or told to shun herself from the society,
But I defy the norm and refrain myself from being insulated from the society,
For I want the attackers to be punished and pay for their crime who have brutalized my body with their filthy hands,
I want these lecherous vultures to be confined to the prison for life, as they had the temerity to commit this heinous act to feel the shame and torture committed against me,
I will continue with my life raising my head held high without wearing the veil of isolation
There is a saying You live only once
I have the misfortune to live it twice
I am going to start all over again irrespective of the way you society treats and think about me,
For I have not survived an assault but I have arrived just now,
That is the only Silver lining from this gruesome episode of my life.

By vikram G | Sep 4, 2013 | Category > Poem >Hope | Comments | Views 5220


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