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Arrogance and Ignorance

By James Kaymore | Category :: Poem

My arrogance is not ignorance,
but ive been a nigga since,
the word rolled off of tongues and im not talking, past tense.
But my past winced,
in pain as verbal whips bounced off this frame,
bounced of this sane,
bounced off the same,
blood that flows through these blue veins.
With these new chains,
no afro but American these new names.
Smh the same old game.
My arrogance is not ignorance,
for that is not my heritage,
but my inheritance,
has been left straddling the fence,
holla if you hear me. Is this making any sense?
Since the beginning of time and has been happening ever since,
is the ignorance of mans ways and his arrogance.

Fig leafs, and the serpent, after he was put to sleep,
to awaken and see beauty sitting at his feet.
All was included in every creeping thing and deast.
Til that man was given woman and made him feel complete.
And she gave him fruit and said to him eat.
And everyday like the first history repeats.
But just like then it is now all of mans faults,
because he was given the law and til this day theres not.
A reason to give in so let love comence,
and not let our arrogance become ignorance.

By James Kaymore | Sep 3, 2013 | Category > Poem >Hope | Comments 2 | Views 3760

Rubi Sarma
Nice words.
Dusti Rodes

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