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Words in my head

By James Kaymore | Category :: Poem

Jumbled up words in my head,
missed placed thoughts, offerings being fed.
Life without order feeling quite dead.
Arguing within, not a word said.
Words forming sentences transformation of life.
Hitting coming and going a verbal double edged knife.
Love joy and bliss, pain heartache and strife.
Strangers, friends, foes, mother, father, son, daughter, and wife.
Simple complication adds to my compilation ,
giving compensations that eases my frustrations.
Living or dying laughing or crying
fastening or prying selling or buying?
Quitting or trying?
Somehow those words find there place.
Somehow the sun finds my face.
Somehow I run a better race.
Some how I pass the test of faith. Peace

By James Kaymore | Aug 31, 2013 | Category > Poem >Hope | Comments 1 | Views 1088

Dusti Rodes
"Are all these poems from 'Life's Testimony'..? If so, where do I get a copy?.."

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