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By vikram G | Category :: Poem

Red, white, black, brown and yellow,
Every human race has its own distinct identity and ethnicity which is different from one another,
It has its own unique face and character,
Its time we defy all odds and respect each others identity by desegregating human race,
Lets not gravitate towards internecine state by vitiating the atmosphere by taunting & calling "names" at one another thus desecrating the human race,
Lets promote a feeling of harmony, peace and brotherhood by mellowing down,
Lets behave in a sane manner and deviate ourselves from the evil mindset where repository of profane information are stored in our head to blurt out at one another.
Lets not despise and discriminate one another and disturb the sanctity of human race and make this world a happier place to live.
Lets coalesce and pledge by saying NO TO RACISM.

By vikram G | Aug 28, 2013 | Category > Poem >Hope | Comments | Views 1023


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