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By Ivan Pineda | Category :: Poem


He comes back every afternoon, from work
with an angry voice
a tone filled with malice
hits the air

You punish us with whips made of thin air
and speak to us in uncomprehending implications
you hiss out poison

-and we always in silence let you speak-

You puke the day’s cold herald
and blame it on us
blame it on us for bringing your wallet to pieces
and blames us for his near death and our sure destruction

A destruction which he has slanted on stone over a million times

-and we always in silence let you speak-

And with your voice you create earthquakes of fear in our hearts
and with you evil tone brake our souls
and with malice filled face break our bones apart
and with you curl eyes tear us apart joint by joint and ligament by ligament
-and we always in silence let you speak-

and we always in silence let you speak;
until we speak back
and fight you malice
with our screaming
and fight your cruelty with even more cruelty
and like mice who have been turned into lions
roar back at you for trying to chew us up

And we get punished
-and we always in silence let you speak-
until the next afternoon you come back and with the intention of eating us all.

By Ivan Pineda | Aug 24, 2013 | Category > Poem >Sad | Comments 1 | Views 2220

Lovely poem Ivan Pineda .

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