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Salvation Divine

By Ishan G | Category :: Poem

Salvation Divine

What抯 all this happening around
Is it the evil抯 resurgence?
Evil deeds that wiped us off the ground
Help us oh great providence!

Your own are they the creation
Still each others blood they spill
They seem to be Satan抯 incarnation
They love to maim and kill

Those evil they do those evil deeds
They say they do it for you
Bullets into the bodies of your children they feed
Our only saviour is you

The pure blood of your innocent children
Is wasted as it stains the earth
Don抰 let it be wasted, the blood of your children
Is in fact to sustain your majesty抯 rebirth

I have faith in you and your persistence
And none of your children will ever be dead
Because Almighty cares and defends
The children whom you had fed

Ishan G
Sometime in late 2002
(while in 10th std)

By Ishan G | Aug 19, 2013 | Category > Poem >Hope | Comments | Views 871


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