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Winter To Spring

By Ivan Pineda | Category :: Poem

Winter To Spring

Three days and two nights
The ghost wails through this room
And walks through my walls
as if they were made of thin air

He is black, no, he has a black vial
and wears a golden grown
as his thin stick like figure
dances about
like an ice skater on an ice ring
haunting through the house

He wails my name
like an echo
my name resound
throughout the night
and his crown glitters like the stars
as he quenches his thirst
for my blood......
knowing.... knowing
that he will be back
next night
and the one after that one
to seek my blood
like a vampire he'll
kiss me one night
and in my dreams suck out all my air
like a snake injects poison
through its veins
and at last to meet my one true love
the ghost of death
he is for sure to come and be
there for me
like the promise of spring's new bound flowers
after the winter's cold death.

By Ivan Pineda | Aug 14, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments 1 | Views 1926

Nice one.

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