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By Neha Ralli | Category :: Poem


I have no shoulder to cry on,
I have no one to share,
I feel so lonely,
Loneliness that I can hardly bear.

Life is so harsh with me,
Life is so cruel.
My eyes are burning with despair,
Yearning for that fuel.

Life seems to be dull,
Life seems to be white.
All I have are bright memories,
And everything else is dark night.

Still to live, but why to live?
I need a reason to live.
A reason to smile for,
A reason to share, a reason to give.

Like the day ends,
So will my breath,
The day will begin again,
Loosening life's tightened thread...

-Neha Ralli

By Neha Ralli | Aug 10, 2013 | Category > Poem >Sad | Comments 2 | Views 1967

Neha Ralli
Thank you so much.. ^_^
Nice poem.

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