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Under the stars

By Hedaya Hemayed | Category :: Poem

In the cool night
of summer,
Under the bright moon
And shining stars,
Where the owls cry
And nocturnal crawlers move,

I stand among
the forest trees
On the dirt, so humbly

My heart is calling
From deep down
To the highest point
From the ground

Oh God,
Please forgive me,
I've come to you,
Rather sadly

I've lost my soul,
It keeps hiding from me
Taking faith with it
And leaving me lonely

I cannot bear it
I miss you God
And love you more
I wish I could please you
And disobey, no more

I love the fact,
That you're always there
When I'm sad,
You make me smile

When I'm bad,
You leave me for a while,
Until I'm aware,
Then you help me
Regret it all

I know it's not fair;
For I don't deserve it,
Even if I really care

Oh God,
However could I thank you
You've done so much
For us all

Too much to be spoken of
More than any could ever say
So all I could do
Is stand beneath you,
With my face
To the ground,
I shall proudly worship you

By Hedaya Hemayed | Aug 9, 2013 | Category > Poem >Hope | Comments 1 | Views 743

Nice poem.

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