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My Little Sunshine

By vikram G | Category :: Poem

My Little Sunshine

When she was born the doctor gave her in my arm,
She made me feel like I had a bundle of joy holding her in my palm,
I still reminiscent thinking about that moment,
She had black beauteous eyes, a small tiny nose,
Two little hands and legs and her body was covered with lustrous silky white hair,
When I used to return from school,
She used to sling herself high and cling onto my water bottle,
In the evenings I used to take her to leisurely walks everyday ,
Everybody in the milieu used to stare at her and talků,
She used to wag her fur tail,
Every other second without fail,
Her senses would quickly pick the smirch,
The smack of Maggi Noodles, when I used to cook in kitchen,
She knew exactly it was time for her dinner with Maggi Noodles,
She was very beautiful, sweet and mine,
She was my little sunshine.

By vikram G | Aug 9, 2013 | Category > Poem >Sad | Comments | Views 960


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