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By vikram G | Category :: Poem

It is the joy of companionship,

It is a strong bond that holds and binds us together,

It is a feeling of love, respect and mutual understanding towards each other,

It is an expression whose boundaries are immense and can surmount any difficulty and obstacle even during hard times,

It is a thread that makes us share our happiness and sorrows with each other,

Its virtue lies in faith and trust towards one another,

Its true worth is immeasurable that is why friendship is esteemed and held in high regard among various stratum of human and personal relationships.

By vikram G | Aug 9, 2013 | Category > Poem >Friendship | Comments 3 | Views 1925

elvin esmino
i missed my best friend when i did read this poem of yours. beautiful. keep on writing poem bout friendship.
vikram G
Thank You.
Lovely poem.

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