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Photographs for From My Pinterest Site For Historical and Historical Romance Novels

" I searched all these photographs up from one site and they all have do with The Tudor Reign from 1485 to 1603. Please be advised that you must contact the Photographer before you use the Photo. "
I am writing this article for Historical and Historical Romance authors that want some pictures.

First, the photographs are from the Tudor Period of History which started in 1485 with King Henry the VII that married Princess Elizabeth of York, eldest daughter of King Edward the IV and Queen Elizabeth Woodville.

Henry Tudor kills King Richard the III, youngest brother of King Edward the VI of England on Bosworth Field in 1485 and he marries Princess Elizabeth of York.

King Henry the VII and Queen Elizabeth of York have seven children but only four remain alive- Prince Arthur, 1486-1509
Princess Margaret, 1489-1521, she first marries King James The IV of Scotland and has a son, James the V who marries Princess Madeline of France, and then Mary De Guise who has Mary, Queen of Scots, and she marries Archibald Douglas, Earl of Augus, and has a daughter, Margaret Douglas that marries Lord Matthew Stuart who gives birth to Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. He marries Mary, Queen of Scots and they have James The VI of Scotland and the First of England.

Henry the VIII was born in 1491 and dies in 1547 and he marries six times, 1) Princess Catherine of Aragon, youngest daughter of King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabel of Castile, however, she is married to Prince Arthur and dies. Henry the VIII and Catherine of Aragon have one living child, Queen Mary I (1554-1558).

King Henry the VIII married Queen Anne Boleyn and only one of their children, Elizabeth the First survive. She was born on September 7, 1533 and dies on March 24, 1603 after 45 years of reign.

King Henry the VIII marries after he executes Queen Anne Boleyn to Jane Seymour and she gives birth to King Edward the Sixth born on October 12, 1536 and he died in 1553.

King Henry VIII marries three more times, 4) Princess of Anna of Cleves, Lady Katheryn Howard, and Lady Catherine Parr.

King Henry the VII and Queen Elizabeth of York have a younger daughter, Princess Mary Rose that marries first Louis The XII of France and he died and she marries Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk and they have three children, Henry, Duke of Suffolk, France Brandon that marries Henry Grey, and they have three daughters, Lady Jane Grey that marries Guildford Dudley. They are executed by Queen Mary the I, Lady Catherine Grey marries Lord Edward Seymour and Lady Mary Grey marries Lord Francis Keys.

Lady Catherine Grey and Lord Edward Seymour have a son, Lord William Seymour and he marries Lady Annabelle Stuart, that
a niece of Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley.

These pictures only extend up to the time of Queen Mary of Scots.

I placing this article on my Pinterest Site

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