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Telling the tale

By Lisa Williamson | Category :: Writing Article

With Halloween almost upon us I hope you are all thinking of scary little tales to fill up the internet. In today's world of overly scary tales and overly shared images, it is nice to go back to a more classic way of telling your tale.

I have been busy working on all types and length of tales for this fun time of the year. From dribbles about death to drabbles about pumpkins to flash fictions from Jack O'Lantern's point of view, there is so much to write about.

One of the things we all have to remember is that researching myths from different cultures can give us a whole new tale to tell. As writers of fiction, we don't have to be totally accurate but it is nice to have a base to your tale, no matter the length.

Over the past two years I have written many tales that could be considered halloween stories. From one of my first published tales, One More All Hallows Eve to my most recent release in the anthology, Ode to Autumn - Season of Change, I have explored a lot of the little myths and legends that have sprung up.

What we all have to remember is that no matter how old a legend is, it can still be made fresh by how you tell it. Jack-o-lanterns are all something we recognize in the western world. We decorate our porches with them for Halloween and chuckle when we see them, but did you know that there are real legends about how they came to be? Google it folks or go to wikipedia and you will be pleasantly surprised.

A simple article about a commonplace decoration can lead you to a tale that will be fresh and readable. It all comes to how you tell your tales. With practice you can come up with a nice collection of seasonal short stories that will keep your name in front of the reading audience. Good luck

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