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Why to submit your work to free anthologies

By Lisa Williamson | Category :: Writing Article

There is a lot of discussion about being paid for everything you post up as a writer. While in a perfect world this would happen, you need to get your name out there. One of the best ways is to submit your work to free anthologies or anthologies where you are paid in a free copy.

Now this is true mostly for those of us who write shorter types of fiction but I believe this would be good for all writers. By writing short fiction the novel writer will learn how to be concise in description and dialogue, something that many can't seem to do. In the tug of war between those writing door stop books and those of us who write short fiction generally short fiction loses.

In anthologies you are given a theme to work from. Such as the few I have submitted to this year. There are summer nights, Halloween, drabbles and clowns. Any style will be accepted but not any length after all.

So you should try out these contests or collections. Write the drabble for a 100 word only anthology or write a 500 word tale for a flash fiction collection. Try doing poetry for a charity poetry collection or write that short story you have had pinging your awareness.

For those of you who don't know the shorter length fiction forms, here you go.

Drabbles are 100 words exactly
flash fiction is under 1000 words
short stories are under 7500 words
novelettes are under 20K (generally)
novellas are under 40K

Writing these forms will help you get better at what you do and let you explore ideas that maybe did not fit into your much longer work in progress. So write those shorts, donate them to collections and realize that there are a lot of readers out there that will discover you from those anthologies.

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