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5 Things no one knows about Apple iPhone X.

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5 Things no one knows about Apple iPhone X.
The Apple iPhone X was rumored to be a fantasy project at best and then Apple unleashed it globally this year, creating more than a few tech ripples worldwide. The iPhone X is definitely the future of the smartphone, albeit a hugely expensive one at that. While the Super Retina display and improved camera are among features highlighted by Apple, there are a few features or aspects that most people do not know about the Apple iPhone X Code.

Here’s taking a look at the 5 things that few people know about the iPhone X-
Fast Charging is supported- This was not technically mentioned by Apple at its keynote event for launching the iPhone X. However, fast charging is very much supported. The iPhone X and also the iPhone 8 & 8 Plus will be the first Apple iPhones to have support for fast charging which is a feature that is available on several Android based competitors. This means that 50% of charge is possible in just 30 minutes by using the Apple charging cable and plug.

Galileo Compatibility- The iPhone has always offered in-built compatibility for the GPS network created by the United States military. Support was also added for the Glonass satellite positional system from Russia in the year 2011. The iPhone X will now offer compatibility for Galileo, the new satellite system in Europe, which came online totally last year. Apple is also introducing QZSS support for Asia-Pacific customers.
HEIF and HEVC format support- The iPhone X offers support for the new high efficiency image format or HEIF along with high efficiency video compression or HEVC. These may help you get more from overall photo and video storage memory on the iPhone X.

The Notification Center remains the same- Even though the home button is now absent on the iPhone X, you will be navigating a little differently in comparison to regular iPhone models

. Swiping up will get you to the home screen. The Notification Center, however, remains on top. You can swipe down to access the same like before. This is something that has not been notified by Apple.

Animoji Face Mapping- With all the furore over features and tech specs, most people missed out on one of coolest features of the iPhone X. Animoji are basically cartoon animals that mimic your own expressions, face movements and even your speech via the front camera and the special 3D mapping sensors in the phone. This will be a fun way to communicate for sure. This technology makes use of the same fundamentals as the Face ID.

These features make the iphone x different from other smartphones. The phone is getting sold like a hot cake and demand is still on higher side. One can book it through online shopping portal flipkart by using exclusive deals or coupons available at CouponsCurry.com

Among all the latest launch by apple, iphone x is very popular due to its attractive silver white color, storage and awesome features which no other mobile company offering.

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