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It's Your Last Chance To Make Roof Repairs Before Winter

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Roof damage isnít always apparent from the ground. Unless you know exactly what to look for, serious issues with your roof can go undiagnosed until water is dripping through your ceiling and costing you thousands of dollars in water damage to the interior of your home. Since winter is the time of year where roof issues are most likely to manifest themselves in the form of leaks, itís a good idea to get things checked out and any needed repairs taken care of before winter hits. As you can tell from the downturn in temperature and the increase of rain in the Spokane area, time is already running out and roofers will soon be booked solid with roof leak work.

Start with a free inspection

Thereís no reason not to have your roof inspected as most reputable roofers will do this for free. Just because there arenít any missing shingles or sagging sections on your roof it doesnít mean you donít have roof damage. Slight warping of the shingles, small tears or tiny penetrations from wind-blown debris, and granule loss (granules are the rough, gravelly like coating that forms the top layer of the shingles) can all spell doom for your roof this winter even though your roof looks perfectly fine from a distance. A roofer knows what
to look for and can provide you with a free estimate for any work that may need to be done.

Schedule repairs

If the inspection turns up nothing, you can rest assured that your roof is ready for winter. But if there are issues, you should have them taken care of immediately. Regular maintenance is always going to be cheaper than costly roof leaks, mold issues, and interior water damage in the long run. If itís been awhile since your last roof inspection, schedule a free inspection with a Spokane roofing company today.

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Source: kdvr.com/2017/11/20/roofers-suggest-fixing-hail-damage-before-first-snowfall/

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