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“There was a time, and not that many years ago now, in order even to get the attention of a publisher, let alone being deemed worthy of considering entering into a print run deal, a prerequisite of such was the ability to be able to Write. Nowadays, with the growth of the Internet, social media sites the likes of Face book and Twitter, individual web-blogging, companies dealing in self publishing, such as Lulu, Smash words, KDP, which serve as valid examples that spring readily to mind; it is not only no longer prerequisite, but in many cases that I have encountered in recent times, it seems a qualification no longer necessary at all. It used to be bad enough when you were number two hundred and ninety-eighth in the list of the top three hundred writers in the country, but now the few precious grains of wheat seems to be getting seriously lost within the mountain of husks that exist in writing efforts that appear today!"

By Dusti Rodes | Aug 22, 2014 | Category > Article >Writing | Comments | Views 2352

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