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Using photos for inspiration

By Lisa Williamson | Category :: Writing Article

As a writer of fiction of all lengths I am always looking for new sources of inspiration. Luckily for me inspiration is all over but one of the best I have found for writing shorter fiction is the image.

Drabbles, flash fiction and short stories are all a snapshot of time and place. Be the tales something that is done in only 100 words or a tale up to 7500 finding the right image can simply make the work easier.

In fantasy there are images all over of faeries, elves, dragons and other creatures. They make a spark in our mind, which then can lead to the words that we need to write.

Take the image that I have posted with this article. A lovely woman of the elvish race. She inspires different thoughts by different people. For me she inspires something like this:

Lie back my love, join me on the grass. Look up to the sky and watch the stars as they move by. The night is filled with magic, the air itself holds mystery and longing. Do you see what I see? Can you hear the pipes playing on the wind? Let us rest here and gather in our senses. For we have but one night before the world will change. So my love, lie back with me and listen to the night.

Yes i know, not the best but you can come up with anything off the cuff. Use an image, be it art or a photograph. Sit down, write what that image brings to mind. The feel, the taste, the sound and the meaning. Write down those words, play with them and see what you get.

If you are writing another genre then of course your words would be different, but write. Find your inspiring image and write something down. If you do at least one of these a day you will get your style under control. You can work on description and flow by writing little bits each day until you find your voice.

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