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This story is so well written that I actually felt anger and impatience with the female protagonist Celia Park, who procrastinated, protested, and pretended excessively about her real feelings for Ty Porter. Further, Ty had a tremendous ego, tenacious, flirTacious, and a sweet talker. Ty and Celia married impetuously in Las Vegas even though he thought he loved another and did a terrible thing to Celia. She had good reason to dislike Ty, so much so that she kept a secret from him. This so called couple also left God behind in the dust – Ty from the rodeo ring; Celia from the flour she used in her dream of being a baker. My ire was that I could not put this book down while reading chapter after chapter and could not preach to both characters that they honestly loved each other and things would become clear if they cleared the dust to see Jesus!

Five and a half years pass following the wedding, neither partner seeking a divorce and the adventure between Celia and Ty really gets under way. I loved all the unique and believable characters Ms. Becky Wade created. Ty’s family is genuine and lovable – the kind that Celia had always wanted. God is working throughout all the conflicts, sparring and bantering…..with humor and cuteness in every corner through the well-developed characters. The things that seem to happen by accident throughout this story are definitely Godincidences. The reader is in for a lot of fun with this book, I will guarantee that without giving away any spoilers. I will not name anyone in particular, except to keep your eye on a little girl named Addie, who dreams of being a princess. Little does she realize, that is exactly who she is to those that meet her - one cannot help but love her.

Even though I felt miffed at Celia and Ty when I first began reading Meant to be Mine, I soon learned what was written between the lines of their characters. This read so impressed me with the joy of the Lord working through this relationship….the rethinking, getting reacquainted, forgiveness and realization that hope they prayed for was real……FINALLY!!!

Becky Wade definitely has a future in writing great romances or any genre she puts her brilliant mind to conjuring. Not knowing Ms. Wade personally, I can only guess that she is a fun and interesting person to know. From the pictures I have viewed of her, the Holy Spirit glows within her, and a helpmate to her writing and living. Readers, Ms. Becky Wade is an author to watch and I genuinely know that this lovely story, Meant to be Mine, is meant to be yours also. Go fetch your copy now!

I received a free copy of this book from Litfuse Publicity in exchange for an honest review.

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