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Over the Edge - Susan Lohrer

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Over the Edge – Susan Lohrer
We first meet the heroine handcuffed to a tree in the middle of nowhere. Which immediately begs the question –“How and why?” A terrific opening hook in my opinion. The story then goes on to pan out several complicated (to say the least) relationships between all the parties involved. As with her other novel ‘Rocky Road’, Susan weaves just enough information into the tapestries of her stories to get the reader into thinking “I know where this is going,” and then turns the whole thing on its head by travelling down a different avenue from the one we are expecting entirely. Her characters and the situations that they find themselves are so believable and remind the reader of experiences similar that they might have well encountered or feelings they may have felt themselves. Susan gives just enough encouragement to her readers to think that her protagonists or characters ‘need their heads banging together’. The supposed outcome is so blantly obvious to all and sundry that the characters should be together, or that their feelings are not what they are portraying to the other. But Susan expands any avenue that can be supposed. i.e.’ If something can go wrong, it will,’ so to speak.
I found this story cleverly crafted, as was ‘Rocky Road’. I thoroughly recommend it to any reader that wants to cry or laugh with the realistic characters as portrayed in these novels. Rating - *****

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