mohit sharma
Name : mohit sharma
Born : 06-06-1985
Location : INDIA, Agra
Education : Engineer
Occupation :
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Favorite Quotations : Chase dream, laugh loudly, live passions, hate less, help more, spread love, wear smile, sing along, pour music, paint souls, cherish moments, ignite ideas, fly high, respect ground... just to represent here, what for you actually are, 'a human' !
About Me
Being and feeling unbound itself gives you enough thrust that you can fly
without wings in a sky of your own sprouted but passionate dreams...'
Though I possess subtle desires but still i am passionate enough to fulfill
each. Life for me is a beautiful journey full of unexplored moments and to
explore the same i will love to live until death and can die to live even a
single one, and thus its a beginning.


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