Ian Council
Name : Ian Council
Born : 1992
Location : United States of America, Yelm
Education : In College
Occupation : Writer, Student
Contact No : iancouncil@gmail.com
Favorite Quotations : I became insane, with intervals of horrible sanity -Edgar Allen Poe Q: How hard is it to quit smoking? A: Easy I've quit hundreds of times. - Mark Twain Domine ad adjuvandum me Festina: Latin for, Lord my savior please assist me now. Ich bin meinen holle: German for, I am my hell. ( the "o" in holle is supposed to be umlaut o)
About Me
I am a writer, a poet, an inventor and a theorist. I Currently have a TV Script called Burnt Out in pre-production, http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/burnt-out-pilot-ep is the indiegogo page for this script check it out to learn more! Also I have a face book page for my writing and Burnt Out so come Check it out.


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