Ishan G
Name : Ishan G
Born : 15 Jan 1988
Location : INDIA, Mumbai
Education : MBBS
Occupation : Student
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About Me
Though a medical graduate, I love writing and photography besides my studies. I started writing poetry while in school.

Though after entering the medical college, I didn't get any time for writing anything. I want to share here the poetry I wrote while in the school.

My work here is completely original in all respect and involve genuine efforts for creating all the contents. I acknowledge the contributions of all the people who have inspired, encouraged, helped improve and praise the artwork.

This artwork although just a drop in the great ocean of literature, occupies an important place in heart and life of the author. It has memories and emotions attached to it.

As an author I wish to share this artwork with others for any comments, suggestions or for the pure pleasure of reading it with the hope that this artwork receives the due respect it deserves.

I may not take any action against the plagiarism or the insult of the artwork because I do not believe in dealing with people who do not understand art and its value.
Hoping that the reader enjoys this artwork....


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