DEJUOLS Ammbbaassaah
Name : DEJUOLS Ammbbaassaah
Born : 7th April 1969
Location : Kenya, Nairobi
Education : Higher Diploma in Art and Design
Occupation : Art
Contact No : +254 735051552
Favorite Quotations : all will come to pass, love life
About Me
 Good track record of managing complex multifunctional projects in various environments.
 Creating effective, informed and highly motivated teams focused on delivery.
 Comprehensive understanding of project management methodologies.
 Experience of working with sponsors, stakeholders, and solution providers.
 Successful and demonstrable delivery of results from a client site.
 Superb customer facing skills.
 Producing and delivering project documentation, e.g. user manuals and support.
 Accurately identifying clients’ key requirements.
 Managing and supporting the testing and implementation of business initiatives.
 Experience of web tools, sales, new business or marketing projects.


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