Kenneth Ortiz
Name : Kenneth Ortiz
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Location : United States of America, Bronx, NY
Education : Mercy College
Occupation : Author/Actor
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Favorite Quotations : Like the number nine Eternity is forever mine
About Me
Hello I am author Kenneth Ortiz. I was born and raised in the South Bronx section of NYC and it is where I still reside. I descend from Puerto Rican parents who migrated here to NYC in 1969. I am one of four children.

Since from an early age I have always been interested in the arts. In middle school as well as H.S I was a member of the theater club, which manifested in a passion for acting. I was also a member of the dance club. In H.S. I was an athlete as a member of the J.V. swim, cross country running, and bowling teams. At the age of 16 I began to DJ. Along with my cousin, I was DJing on a regular basis doing private and public events. My dancing only went as far as the dance club when I attended Five Towns College in LI, NY, which only lasted one semester. After I left Five towns I attended Mercy College in the Bronx. There were no performing art programs. Soon after I got tired of school and I dropped out.

At the age of 24 I was going through a very hard time in my life. Jumping from job to job and the lack of companionship I fell into my proverbial "blue period". During that time I began to write poetry about my personal thoughts of how I viewed my life at the moment. After a few years of DJing with my cousin he gave it up and I found it boring to gig on my own. After a while my solo DJ career met its end. I began to do extra work for some time and worked in such films as American Gangster and I am Legend. It was a short lived career that dwindled away. I also modeled here and there nothing major. Mostly for personal portfolios and such.

Using my passion of writing as my own personal method of therapy. I was writing so much that I decided to take it to the next level and started to put all my work together and form a book to have published. It took me a very long time to construct the book to what it is today because I just didn't want any poem to be in it. I chose the poems that meant the most to me, but at the same time I chose the ones that many people can relate to as well. My choice in number of poems in this book is attributed to the year that I was born; since this is basically the birth of my writing career.

I recently published my debut book of poetry "Walking Through the Parallel of an Individual Cell: Hatred through, and is now for sale on paperback and eBook. Since then I have been hard at work advertising my book.

Currently I am posting here on as a means to fund my projects. I am also working on two new books of poetry at the moment. Each with a different topic than the previous. Choosing the poems for my next book while still writing the third one, I have no release date for either one of them.

"Walking Through The Parallel Of An Individual Cell: Hatred" is the first book in a three book series which depicts different eras in my life. "Hatred" is about my proverbial blue period. Which touches upon topic of love, hatred, self worth, and sadness.

The second book in the series "Transitions". is about my emergence from my blue period leading to a new higher level of thought that is found in "The Consciousness Within""Transition" touches subjects about social awareness, my political views, and abstract thoughts. This book is currently being constructed.

The third book in the book series "The Consciousness Within" is about after I have made my transition from my blue period to a higher level of thought and happiness "The Consciousness Within" is about a new process of higher thought, aligning my chakras, opening my third eye, and a newly found happiness. This book is also currently being written.

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Peace, Love, and Happiness to all!!!


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