Elizabeth Castillo
Name : Elizabeth Castillo
Born :
Location : Philippines,
Education :
Occupation : Professional Writer/International Poet
Contact No :
Favorite Quotations : "Live and let live."
About Me
I am a professional feature writer/journalist/blogger/poet from the Philippines in Asia. I have exhibited my writing and poetic inclinations early on during my elementary days when I was once this shy, unassuming lass. I didn't give up on my dreams of becoming a writer since I believe in my heart that my mission here on Earth is to contribute and touch lives through my pen pushing.

Her favorite authors and writing influences include those of Stephen King, John Grisham, Mitch Albom, Paulo Coelho and Rumi.

International Publications :

Published my first international poetry book, "Seasons of Emotions" January 2013 by Barry Mowles' Destiny to Write Publications, UK.You can purchase paperback copies at http://www.lulu.com/shop/elizabeth-castillo/seasons-of-emotions/paperback/product-20615522.html

Local Publications :

Poems first Published on Blue Collar Magazine, 1980s, Philippines
News Correspondent, Antipolo Post, Antipolo Star, Philippines
Feature Writer, Highlights Magazine, a quarterly corporate magazine of MMLDC, Philippines

My poetry has been featured in over 20 international anthologies (and counting) so far. :) "The Art of Darkness" was the very first anthology in 2011, I was a part of which featured some of my dark poetry. "Live Life: The Daydreamer's Journal" was a global charity for the benefit of the American Cancer Society and a World Record Holder For Most Artists Contributing to An Anthology. "World Trade 9/11 Tribute"
is another international charity project for the families of the 9/11 victims."SOS Sahel"by Plum Tree Books, UK is another global charity project anthology I was a part of together with talented artists, authors and photographers around the world with proceeds going to SOS Sahel in Africa."Angels Cried" by Stephen Wilson is the latest global charity I was involved in for the benefit of the Sandy Hook School victims in the USA. I was given a chance to work with wonderful and talented foreign writers, poets and artists in these anthologies.

International Anthologies I Was Featured In :
1. SOS Sahel by Plum Tree Books - Amazon, UK
2. World Trade 9/11 Tribute by Destiny To Write Publications - Lulu UK
3. I Want My Poetry Volume 1 by Inner Child - Amazon USA
4. Hiding In The Shadows by Destiny To Write - Lulu UK
5. Hot Summer Nights by Inner Child - Inner Child Press USA
6. Amazed By Gentle Winds by Frances Ayers - Bookrix USA
7. Little Petals In The Wind by Frances Ayers - Bookrix USA
8. Breaking Silence by James Robert Myers - Amazon Africa
9. The Sun Shines So Brightly by Frances Ayers - Bookrix USA
10.The Art of Darkness by Steven Michael Pape - Blurb UK
11. Live Life: The Daydreamer's Journal by Sir Ricky McGentleman Amazon USA (Guiness Book of World Record Holder For Most Artists Contributing To An Anthology)
12. Christmas 2012 by Destiny to Write Lulu UK
13. Healing Through Words - Inner Child Press USA
14. I Want My Poetry Volume 2 - Inner Child Press USA
15. Best of 2012 by Destiny To Write - Lulu UK
16. In Praise, In Memory, In Ink by Brian Wrixon- Blurb Canada
17. Winter Songs and Holiday Expressions by Frances Ayers - Bookrix USA
18. Angels Cried by Stephen Wilson - Amazon/Barnes and Noble/Smashwords USA
19. Valentines Day 2013, The Love Writers by Inner Child - Inner Child Press, USA
20. Acerbic Anthology by Muse For Women - CreateSpace, Africa
21. Battered Shadows - CreateSpace, USA
22. Circle of Poetry- Under The Dreaming Tree- Amazon, USA
23. In Our Own Words by Brian Wrixon- Blurb, Canada
24. All The Lonely People - Plumtree Books, UK
25. A Haiku Treasury by Brian Wrixon - Blurb, Canada

Articles and poems have appeared in international online magazines.

Contributing Editor, Inner Child the Magazine, USA

Columnist, Winning Strategies Magazine, USA

Another upcoming book of mine 2013, a collection of prose, stories and articles.


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