Japho Mims
Name : Japho Mims
Born : Gilgil
Location : Kenya, Naks
Education : MFA
Occupation : Lifelearner
Contact No : 0707627352
Favorite Quotations : Love is the most noble human feeling,coz it gives a man hope#unknown#
About Me
Caught up in thz lyf..hopin 2 fynd sm1 lyk her..exactly lyk her..coz i bliv therez no1 better thn her on thiz universe..i cant b with her and yet i cant do without her..

The Greatest Person in my Life

My heart choze her.but i couldnt tell her the wordz.Every smile-i longed for an opportunity to see.S...

By Japho Mims | Feb 20, 2013 | Category > Story >Love | Comments | Views 267

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