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Name : Thomas Cardin
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Favorite Quotations : "...As a god I cannot stop him, as a man I may be able to."
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Thomas Cardin is a digital artist and animator living in Southern California with his wife, Cathy, and his son, Roger. He also shares his home with two larger-than-life Maine Coon cats and a long-haired mixed-breed cat. Besides computer graphics, he has been known to paint the odd rock and dabble in ceramics. His inspirations for storytelling have always been present, in art, books, movies, and role playing games. He has built many worlds and breathed life into many characters around the gaming table, but writing a novel was always something to start working on tomorrow or next week.

The Final Warden, Chapter 1


Hethal was certain of a being far greater than hi...

By Thomas Cardin | Feb 17, 2013 | Category > Story >Fantasy | Comments 1 | Views 292

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