Phyllis Jean Green
Name : Phyllis Jean Green
Born : Champaign, Illinois
Location : United States of America, Chapel Hill, NC
Education : B.A. U/AR & M.Ed. + 18 hrs post-grad UNC@Chapel Hill
Occupation : Writer
Contact No :
Favorite Quotations : Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. Albert Einstein God in his wisdom invented the fly, then forgot to tell us why. Ogden Nash
About Me
Writing has saved me.

I like to think that the rich and varied -- and at times painful --experiences that I had while a speech and language pathologist working with clients
of all ages and with different backgrounds, the majority of whom were brain-damaged by strokes,
closed-head injuries, or congenital disorders,
helped me grow and enabled me to write an educational and inspiring biography that was published by special education puhlisher Diverse City Press.

My poems, stories, and other works began being
published in 1986. Since that time, online, as well.
Pudding House published my poetry collection, Above
and Below, etc.

I am happily married and have wonderful children and grandchildren. Could not be prouder!

Fate has not always been kind -- especially the last
few years -- but I am blessed with friends who can always be counted upon, and there is so much beauty -- in nature, in art, in children. . .all around us,
inside us, virtually everywhere we look, if we
are open to it. Oh yes, and we have music. Humor!!


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